Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Forgotten Remember

Grandfather says: "We as a race of people have always known who we are. We have always known what purpose and place we had within creation. We never had to ask permission to be Natives (Indian). There were no borders or rules to being who and what we are, or how we treated each other. We knew that we were "the people." Our nations had intermarried and mixed long before the White men ever came to Turtle Island. We had our differences but we didn't need anyone to tell us to what tribe each of us belonged.

We are all one people from the far reaches of the north of

turtle Island to the south, from the east to the west. We all knew of each other as brothers and sisters here in this land, we traded, we lived, we loved, we made peace. Yes we had our fights as relations do, no race of men are free of their instincts and violence. Never in my lifetime would I have believed that our people would deny each other of who they are. Never in my lifetime did I think the white race, would have such a far reaching effect on us that we would treat each other as they do us. That we would expect one another to prove they were of the red race by papers and white mans law.

Sadness fills my heart and disappointment in my own grandchildren. Remember Grandchildren we are all one Race of people. We are all "the people" the red race. Our people united and honoring each other is what we need. We need every last one of our Indian people to remember who they are and walk the red road. All the Indian Nations across turtle island are sacred. We all form the medicine bundle of the Red Race. Just as all the relations in nature bring us strong medicine when combined in our bundles and ceremonies. We are all important to the medicine we bring, no matter the differences among us."

Gianni Crow

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  1. I'm not of your wonderful people on the outside, but my heart is. Love & Respect Wise One. With your permission I walk with you All.