Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Justified Anger. Grandfather Speaks

"I feel that my heritage is being manipulated. It bothers me because I did not wake up one day and say I want to be an Indian now. Imagine If I went to another country to learn their traditions culture and wisdom. What claims can I make about what I have learned?"

"I see others come to our people and learn our ways and traditions and turn around and make a profit from it. People are forcing themselves onto the world, teaching and pretending to be something they are not in the name of greed. "

"Yes..." he said, "I am angry but my anger is justified before the eyes of my Creator, my ancestors, and the spirits that have walked this land since our creation. I fought to keep the spirit of my people alive. I had to hide in caves where I starved. I saw great warriors fall and die in the arms of their wives. I saw the orphans die of foreign diseases and my medicine could not save them. I felt useless before the eyes of my people. My sin has always been to love this earth and fight according to the universal laws and the law of reciprocity. We do not take more than what we need or stamp the soil with last names. Grandson, the air you breathe is the same as the great Geronimo once exhaled. Put your ear on the ground and you will still hear the buffalo's spirit running free upon the sacred plains. The blood spilled in this land will not be forgotten, even after time has forgiven their sins against our people." 

 "Life is a circle and, as of late, people speak about Karma. I believe this to be true because as the great book says; He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. "

"Do not repay their ignorance with hate but with compassion. My time is near. I feel very tired these days. My eyes just want to sleep and the sun can not keep me warm anymore. I will forever live in your words my little one."

- Juan Errante

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