Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Lonely Highway

I was looking for a dream. It was a foggy morning. The birds were chirping outside my hotel window. They were not singing their usual songs.  This time they were singing empathetic songs to my heart. I got ready for the truth, behind the dream. A crow was standing in the tree looking at me; I was a stranger in this town, but not to his eyes. I offered him my breath and some tobacco He began to caw as the tobacco drifted to the ground.  I headed west searching for some answers along the highway. 

The path became curvy as I made my way through the mountain views. It was hard to see what was up ahead of me, as the way life sometimes unfolds for all us. My tears fell down my face and my heart kept stomping in my chest. I got closer to my own delusions. There were two crows walking down the highway, like hitchhikers. They had a funny walk like cowboys. At that moment, I was reminded that one more time I was not alone. I smiled as I waved at them. Each breath became a sigh as I wiped off the tears from my face. I have gone above and beyond. I questioned myself, whether I was walking on someone else's path and that these shoes did not belong to me--they made my spirit limp.

What happened next was a miracle to me. There was a bald eagle sitting on a an old dead tree. I felt its presence before I saw it.  I turned my head, to my right the eagle started to spread his wings, and flew along my side for about three-quarters of a mile. The eagle then made a U-turn right in front me, and then headed back towards the east. That's when all my questions were answered.

Juan Errante.


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  1. I know what you mean. There are few of us left who still understand.