Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can You Hear Her Voice?

I have been through hell and back! Does that sound familiar to you? I know you can relate with me on many levels, because we all have asked the same questions as we look into the sky; "Does anybody give a damn about me?" 

When you find yourself in the middle of the chaos, it's almost impossible to view outside your own situation. So we question God, the Virgin Mary, and all the saints that come to mind. At this point all your fears are triggered and your higher self stays suppressed in one corner. But, in the darkness, you find the switch to turn the light on from your shadow side.

We need these moments to grow and understand ourselves, to be able to learn from our choices, along with our past and present situations.

You are not alone and there is always someone in the distance praying for you, loving you and thinking about you.

We all feel lonely sometimes, but rarely are we alone unless you live in the mountains with no one to talk to.  Even so, mother nature is all around nurturing you and waiting patiently for you to connect. She knows your name, your address and your needs. If you stop for one second, you can hear her voice when the birds sing, when the wind blows, when the river runs, when the sun tingles your skin, when a leaf falls to your feet, when clouds pass you by across the sky. Can you hear her saying "I love you?” Mother Nature speaks to us in a universal language, but are we ready to be comforted or are we still in the mode of being the victim? What's your mental status? Are you still hurt about something you can do nothing about? We have no control of anything or anyone. All you can do is be responsible for your own actions and to own them when you are in the wrong.

There's thousands of people praying everyday for you from all kinds of religions around the world. Love is sent throughout all of the universe. All you need to do is open your heart to receive that blessing. Mother is calling your name. Are you ready to be healed?


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  1. Thank you for this article. My favorite place to be is outside tending my gardens, working with the soil. Mostly I love being in the woods and listening to nature around me. Just as you described, there is something special and reassuring about listening to the wind, or the song of a bird. I recently had the experience of a walk in the woods while flying a Harris Hawk. When he sat on my arm and looked me directly in the eye, it was the most special connection. Being aware and connecting with nature is forgotten with this generation. They do not know what they are truly missing in their lives.