Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spiritual Identity

The dictionary defines “identity” as the condition of being one’s self. As we experience the hardships and struggles of life, we are so desperate to know who we are that we start losing our minds and buying all the costumes society has created for us to forget our spiritual identities. But, what we want to be is different from what we need to be or from what we were sent here to accomplish.
Somehow we forgot The Universe (Creator, God) is perfect. This entity can be called anything you like because it can manifest itself according to your faith, even if you decide not to follow anything or anyone. So, how do you define yourself?

You were taught to be the best since childbirth to fulfill someone's expectations or to fit in your family or society, but there are always going to be people who are one step ahead of you. Other people’s accomplishments have a way of making you feel like you’re not measuring up and that is an endless battle with yourself.
Being "in-style" or "cool" does not always indicate or define who you are, but it shows that you are desperate for attention. Being well known does not take away your loneliness. It just makes you that much more lonelier. When you keep a small circle of friends, you feel more comfortable knowing that your friends are the only ones that you really want to spend time with.

What you wear or how your face looks shouldn't be more important then how you make another person feel. Fashion is an illusion created by your own mind and insecurities that it causes you to compare yourself with other person. There is nothing more beautiful in this world then allowing your own spirit to roam freely.
Being bright or smart: This is another downfall because we don't think the same way or make the right choices all the time. Sometimes making poor decisions allows you to explore your own capacity to think things through and to become a problem solver. This is how we all earn wisdom. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes because each time we learn more about ourselves.

Women are becoming as thin as twigs and men are getting more pumped and tanned these days. Every magazine cover in today's world displays young models with perfect bodies and it affects us unconsciously in our everyday lives. We use this as a place marker for who we think we are and consequently we find ourselves looking at our reflections every chance we get creating insecurities. Men are obsessed going to the gym and high protein diets to look manly, while some women starve themselves just to fit into those new skinny jeans.
Maybe looking beautiful or handsome is a survival instinct that has been primed into us from the beginning of time. Perhaps its because society has made us so self-conscious that we can’t feel better about ourselves until we’ve “beaten” out other people by looking like Miss Universe or like a model on the cover of a magazine. Life is not a competition. No matter how you look like there is plenty of people who will find you beautiful and attractive just the way are.

 Wealth: There is not much to say other than, "if you can be rich and be poor, then you can be poor and be rich.” I have seen many spiritual people who have sold their souls in the name of greed. You can be rich and forsake everyone around you, if money your priority.
Or you can be wealthy in your own mind and spirit. Hold close to those who truly care for you because they will never disappear like that spare change in your pocket.

Human Gifts: We were all created equal and we’re all good at different things. Some of us are better by being artistic, music, painting etc. Others are great thinkers. They can teach or be good at playing sports or an instrument. We’re all “gifted” at different things, but you shouldn’t let it define you.

There are plenty more things I can write about, but I don't think I have to say anymore than I already have.
Creator gave us all a spiritual identity that is above labels like good, bad, beautiful, ugly, fat, skinny, preppy, geeky, nerdy, or freaks.
The secrets of the universe are within us and all you need is a spark to radiate your beautiful fire within.

Juan Errante

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Sky Is Falling

His heart speaks with the strength of thunders, every living creature feels the power of the great sky.
The blood of his spirit flows in every river of this earth...

My friends and brothers gather to sing as the rising sun blesses
all creation with golden light...

Those who crawl kiss the soil, those who fly embrace the sky,
those who swim bless the water, those who walk kneel before his glory.

He sighs for you, for me...
His breath fills the open seas. His clear voice is calling us by name, the time is near...
I can hear his footsteps there is nothing left to fear.

The walls are falling...
The veil has falling...
The dream has awoken...
They are coming back for us...

"There is a power greater then ourselves, a power we still know nothing about, a power which holds the secret of the dreamer and the dream that we live in..."

Juan Errante

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spirits of Nature

Fox Spirit

While traveling on my way home from work my spirit was called to by another. I looked around to find out from where the voice was coming from, when I saw a relation laying on the side of the road. A red fox was there. I quickly pulled over to care for his remains. I removed his body from the road and lay him back on the earth where his spirit may find peace. I felt sadness and compassion in my heart, that he had met such a dishonorable death. I offered his spirit some tobacco, and prayers that one day someone would think and do the same for me. We too can meet an untimely and unfitting demise at any given moment. May someone think of us enough to give us dignity in death, and show compassion and respect for our remains.

Grandfather says:
Far too often men become arrogant in their thinking and believe that they are above the rest of our relations in nature. They think they are separate. That the only living beings that count the most are the human beings. This has become the gods of men, their high thoughts of themselves and those things that are produced from the mind. Sadly this type of arrogance has spread and tainted all races of man. When you see a fallen relation by the road grandchildren do what you can for that fallen spirit. Honor them as you would your own family. They are as much a part of you as the water, earth, and sky. Do not pass them by without a prayer .....without a thought. Remember the ways of your elders, and what ways we were taught in living in balance with all of creation. Love, honor, respect, and dignity. We are all connected in the sacred hoop of life.

-Juan Errante